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Before Monarch Collective, there was Kukoon Media.

Kukoon began as a solo journey on the entrepreneurial trek and first took shape in May of 2010. Over time, Kukoon grew to a fully operational brand-centric studio harnessing the talents of both local and international creative professionals. With a growing demand for brand marketing and the magnitude of projects increasing, Kukoon Media ventured in to international projects and became an award-winning global brand in marketing and design excellence. Kukoon had also been featured in several industry leading publications both nationally and internationally.

Year 2019 marks the completion and continuum for the Kukoon Media brand. It embodies the spiritual connection of the butterfly and its profound journey as a teacher of perseverance and metamorphosis. Enter Monarch Collective; the final stage of transformation.


Creative Problem Solving is our Craft.

Market Research

We dont make anything up. We uncover everything and do all the necessary research and exploring to lay a solid ground in our discovery phase. The truth is, if you embarked on this journey, you wanted to bring something great to the world and we want to help you do it right.

Goal Identifying

We are forward thinking and practical. Identifying your value proposition coupled with our secret sauce is how we start digging through ideas. We evaluate and align with resources to meet tangible short-term and long-term goals that position you for the future.

Content Creation

We tell stories for a living. We are able to convert complex information in to simplified, tasteful design and build content that sits and aligns with your vision. We get in to the thick of the creation process and embrace what you’re all about — in visual form.

Product Launch

We are invested in your success. We build brands that we can be proud of, and so, we take great pride in our deliverables and are committed to your business growth. Through print and digital forms, we embody your brand’s voice and wear the right suit to push your brand forward.



Ready to bring ideas to life?

We bridge the gap between where you are now and where you need to be.