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There is a lot of stigma around this and it’s a delicate subject for many business owners but let’s talk about it.

In my years of experience as a Creative Director, I have been faced many times with the challenges of creating a fresh new brand image, tiptoeing around the sensitivities of a logo that needs retiring. Many Designers will agree that beveled, embossed, gradient and detail-heavy logos are not as effective and don’t appeal to the masses like they once did. I want to emphasize that this doesn’t mean that a conservative, traditional design has no place in the modern world, it certainly does but with a bit of redirection.

The idea of design has evolved over time and minimalism coupled with flat colored images are now taking over.

Moreover, logos with these characteristics translate far more effectively across digital and print platforms, and their bold appeal demands attention from a broader demographic. So why is this important? Because urban culture has redefined what the modern logo looks like. The simplicity of design must complement this cultural shift to be effective in marketing when used across multiple platforms such as social media, apps, online ads, websites, and print collateral. In addition, it will also keep your business looking young and timeless.

The simplest and quickest way to bring your brand image up to speed is to apply a quick refresh – flatten colors out, remove all drop shadows, and go ahead and try out some new font choices.

Rule of Thumb: If your business has a conservative audience, look into pairing your logo image with a serif font to keep things a bit more sophisticated; and if your business is more on the youthful side, try using a sans-serif font. These minor adjustments will make a huge impact on how you market your brand today. However, if you opt for a new design altogether, keep some of these tips in mind so that when you go out to market your business, it showcases itself in the best light, is relatable, and stands out to potential customers and clients.

Change can be a tough business decision to make especially when it comes to logo attachments and you may feel that it will impose a risk if you try and change. Being relatable, adaptive, and evolving with modern times may prove to be more beneficial in the long run. Don’t get left behind by rigidness; be bold, stay present, and curious.

If you have any questions regarding this topic or you are looking to work with a Designer on brand image, reach out to me directly, and let’s discuss!