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Year 8 with Kukoon Media this Month

Thank You, God, for keeping my business alive for another year!

This first sentence often raises a brow when it comes up in conversations and I never really understood why. I have found that most business owners, big or small, are vulnerable deep down because they just never know what is around the corner. A punch to the gut or their next big chance? Yes, I keep on my toes and always plan ahead. I am good at that but terrible at other things such as keeping my business cards on me at all times, doing taxes, updating my website and design portfolio, and possibly public speaking. I am not one to fangirl over the idea of early morning meetings or for being mistaken for a wizard – dealing with difficult clients that may suspect you’re a mind reader with magical powers to make it rain.

There was a lot of time to reflect this month on how far I think I have come since I first started.

It has taken me a while to really figure out what worked for me up until now but the underlying answer is: I simply opted to become The Learner. This role takes the decision to take the journey as an observer. I didn’t begin the entrepreneurial trek hoping to succeed nor fail; I simply absorbed information as it came with no judgment. It is important to note that I had no clear future in mind for Kukoon Media and I wasn’t even sure if this would pose to be business experience or a long-term commitment. I was okay with either outcome, and this rationale led to newfound confidence in people watching but in a business-savvy kind of way.

I became an attentive listener and a disciplined conversationalist and this led to a working trust with business partners and understanding of my clientele and industry. It allowed me to take criticisms objectively and with minimal stress. Fast-forward to now, Kukoon Media, with all of its lessons had and challenges met, matured to year 8, and I may have flourished as a businesswoman, but who knows, I am still learning.

Moral of the Story: Be a life-long learner.